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Whether you’re a entrepreneur building a startup to launch a big idea or a small business that needs to stand out in a crowded marketplace, JordanBowers puts design to work for you.


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Branding and Collateral Design

Launch or reimagine your business with a new logo and everything else you need to stand out in today’s super-competitive environment. We design for digital and print and provide consultation on what will give you the most impact for your budget.

Logos and brand identity systems

A distinct logo helps consumers identify your business and separate you from your competitors. You may also find a brand bible useful – a document that can be shared with teams and vendors communicating the style and philosophy of your brand – to ensure cohesiveness. 

Menus and POS Displays

Restaurant menus are more than just a list of dishes and prices: a well-designed menu reinforces your restaurant’s decor & theme and can increase spend per table. Likewise, store displays can alert customers to special events and discount opportunities.

We also have powerful digial activations that bring your message to your customers’ phones while in your shop.

Get some love on Social media

It’s always smart to be where your customers are, and today, that means on their phone. We can make custom Snapchat filters & lenses for your event or business, as well as engaging advertising for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Deploy it yourself or let us handle it for you – the choice is yours.

Mobile App/Website Design & Development

Show, don’t tell, potential investors and business partners the vision for your startup’s app or website. Our years of experience doing UI/UX work will speed the design of your app and bring a prototype to life. Once you secure funding, our final design can be used to code the real deal.

Harness "Design Thinking"

By keeping your customers’ needs and tastes at the forefront, we design experiences that solve their problems while delighting them. Quick protypes allow us to get feedback from real people before dollars are spent coding.

eCommerce, WordPress & Static Websites

We believe in using the right tool for the job. Your project may call for the speed, security and scalability of a Jamstack or vanilla HTML5 site. Or maybe your team needs the flexibility of WordPress to add and edit content on-the-go. Or an eCommerce provider like Square or WooCommerce. We’ll help to determine the right fit and make it happen.

Mobile app design to go

App development can be expensive and time-consuming. We do the design work first and make interactive protypes, so you can test, iterate and show off your app before writing a single line of code. Take our work to your developer of choice or have us turn-key the app using one of our experts.

Our Process


We consider the problem your project is trying to solve and who the audience for it will be to create a strategy.


With the strategy in mind, we design a solution using appropriate tactics to appeal to and reach the customer.


We present prototypes and mockups to a focus group to ensure the solution is on point and make necessary changes.


Once the final design is approved by key stakeholders, coding begins, saving many hours and dollars in revisions.

Featured Work

Graphic Design

Bayer Crop Science Learner Persona Symbols

To help identify and guide employees though the training process, we created symbols representing the company’s employee personas for their e-learning platform.  

Website Development

Office Depot Holiday Gift Guides

To drive sales of non-office supply items during Black Friday, Office Depot asked for something different. Our holiday gift guide pages used parallax effects and interactive elements to achieve a 9% sell-through rate. 

Publication Design

The Hidden Horses of New York Book Jacket

Amazon best-selling author Natalie Keller Reinert wanted her latest self-published book to have a cover that communicated the mood and setting of her story.

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